I have a question my buddy has a linksys router im connected to it on my pc and im trying to setup a network in my room i bridged the wifi card with my lan and assigned the bridge ip with his router dhcp it pulled then plugged it into the wan in the back of my router now my problem is i cant talk to both routers on my laptop i can only talk to his router (understandable seeing is how im connected to his router and my bridge is his ip) but when i go to my desktop i cant ping anything in the 1.1 range so my question is how do i set it up so my dlink cant have internet access i have also assigned a manual isp address the one i picked was my bridged connection except the last octave was 1 more ie instead of .3 it was .4 could someone help me out here im lost i know there's a way to do this without a bridge i also have a linksys 5 port switch if that will help me to im knowledgeable in networking not the best but i know some stuff so go ahead and speak geek to me ill follow you im a bit of one myself thanks for yalls help
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  1. Once you connected via Wireless, connect the other NIC to the Switch and use the Network Setup Wizard in windows.
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