Is windows 7 professional 32 bit a compatible upgrade to vista for my acer aspir

I own a acer aspire laptop 5100 series which came with Vista pre installed on it. My ex boyfired decided to install Windows 7 Professional on my laptop earlier this year and now I can't seem to get skype working properly like it use to before Win 7. Nobody can hear me and I've configured the the microphone and speakers to how they should be set in order for skype to work but no one can hear although I can hear every one just fine. I have the latest version on skype installed. I was wondering if the issue is because I have windows 7 on here instead of what it originally came with? Any feedback help will be greatly appreciated since I am not very tech savvy. Thanks
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  1. When you do a test in skype for the mic, does it detect the sounds? How about in device manager when you check? The sound bar meter should move when you talk. Try using a microphone if you are using the built-in speaker.

    This could be a driver issue, that laptop does not have Windows 7 drivers, although Vista drivers may work with it. Drivers for it are here, try the audio and webcam drivers, although there are two different webcams, you'd have to know which one your computer has.
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