ATI Display Drivers causing trouble !! Help Please

Guys i recently got a Powercolor Radeon 5450 for my dad's pc with a biostar G31 M+ board for Core 2 Duo E4500. I assembled the pc myself and it was working properly.
I installed Win Vista 32 bit on the system, and afterthat my motherboard's driver but when i tried to install Graphic card drivers the pc suddenly hanged in between and restarted. I first thought it might be a old drivers problem hence i reinstalled a newer version of drivers but the same problem is occuring again and again.

I dont know what the problem is but i am doubtfull for my harddisk as it is the old one Samsung Spinpoint 40 GB (got it in 2002), way too old ....

so what do you think?? why am i facing this problem ?? Please help !! :cry:
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  1. Personally i would go for a full format of the disc and start again.
    Before starting the reinstall of the OS remove the Cmos battery for about 30 secs to reset the board to defaults.

    However if you don't fancy that you could just try running something like Driver sweeper to clean out all the old drivers and just try a re install of the GPU drivers.

    Mactronix :)
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