Laptop windows 7 turns off when playing games after 5 minutes

Does anyone know why my laptop would turn off when I play games?

I'm not sure but I don't think it's because of overheating, I use the laptop a lot, mostly for using 3d programs and sometimes can have a lot of programs running at the same time but it works fine. Only when playing games! :/

I have updated my graphics driver and replaced the battery that was dying.

I'm using a Samsung R580 if that makes any difference.

Thanks guys
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  1. I read that you don't think its because of overheating, but you should check the temperatures first because i had the same problem(on a PC) and these are generally due to overheating while playing games(high cpu/gpu usage).

    So you should download speedfan- and start it before running the game, let speedfan run in background(not inactive in tray but with its window at your desktop), play the game for 3 minutes or so(make sure you exit the game before windows turns off) and then have a look at the temperature graphs of cpu and gpu.

    If its overheating there should be steep rise in the graphs towards 100/110 °. If its not anyways post the screenshots of your graphs.
  2. I'm guessing it is due to overheating.

    If possible clear out the dust from the vents. If the bottom of the laptop feels hot after playing a game for a while, then it is overheating. I would also look into purchasing a laptop cooler which is basically a tray with two fans that you put your laptop on top of.
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