[HELP] i got a story and i need publish

[HELP] i got a story and i need publish

it is about a student who got mistreated....

whats a good website that will care? some media exposure

here is the story:November, 17 2008
About 3:00 pm
I looked inside the recycle bin in Campus Tech and picked up an empty cartridge from the box with one hand while holding my winter coat on the other hand. With my big backpack on my back, on my way out the Campus Tech a student stop me at the door and told me to drop it without identify himself. Numerous tries, I asked them why and to show me a policy of why not, but they were never able to provide me one, the only thing they ever did was constantly repeating “it is ours”.

While I was still trying to reason with him, I was punched in the faced and assaulted, as I was falling and trying to grasp what just happened, my glasses fell off, and my brand new 1 month old glasses tumbled on the ground. Fearing my body is going to fall on top of it, I went and grabbed it with my hand and protected them; as result I was in a fetal position with my stomach arched inward. This exposed my bare neck and allowed the attacker to put me in a strangling/choking; I was very shocked and surprised to find myself struggling to breath.

A customer near by joined him to pushed me, attacked me and hold me down so I was powerless and unable to defend myself. At the same time I also experienced tremendous kicking to my stomach by either same customer or another one.

While gasping the air of life and protecting my glasses, I experienced the constant pain coming from all directions (stomach, neck, and head, so on). Since my laptop and design/degree project was in my backpack I could not risk getting crushed to bits, therefore my instincts instructed me avoid damage to any of my belonging for as long as possible by defending it.

Due to the lack of air and tremendous pain overriding my nerves system time ceased to exit. Security showed up afterwards and I was handcuffed and relocated to their office, with blood covering my face and signs of physical assault damage. I told my story to security and raised some points about the neutrality of recycle bin and definition of “saving the environment”.

Security did not want to deal with this, instead police were called. Without even listening or let me finish my story they cut me off and went talked to the other guy (the guy who assaulted me at the door of the Campus Tech), few minutes later they returned and handcuffed me once again and informed me that I am under arrested for “assault”, according to the police he told me that I was arrested for “assaulting the person with my [brand new Glasses]”. The police refuse to listen to my explaining or anything.
Upon the arrival in the police station I was striped down to my shirts and pants, they removed my “lethal weapon (glasses)” which I need to see or else I am practically blind and I was put in a cold cell for the next few hours. The outside temperature in Thunder Bay, Ontario in this time is about -10C to -20C while in the cell was not much better.

The damage from the choking was hindering me from breathing, and I have to stand up to reduce pain to clear the airway and keep myself warm, but every 30min a police person came back in and consistently told me to sit down or else they will removing everything I have! I only have a shirt and pants and even without shoes, it is extremely cold and I was having hard time breathing and now this? I could not risk it so I had to comply. As the pain grew and I was lacking air, I have to sneakily stand up from time to time, to prevent myself from passing out.

After a few hours in the cell, my brain is not really in its greatest condition and with constant headache and dizziness. The police told me do I want to go home? Sign this. So I unwillingly sign a paper unable to comprehending or see neither what was on the paper nor what was going on.

I was released with a charge of assault and I reported directly to the emergency department of the near by hospital.

*aren’t we doing recycling for the sack of caring for the environment? Not for someone else’s pocket money; which I was informed by other student that there is some monetary value to those recycle toner as they sell it back to a third party. The school taught us to take care of the environment by reusing salvageable parts or construct projects from recycle garbage, why? For the sake of environment!

If I told u that your cell phone is worth nothing and I will recycle it for you for the sake of environment, there are extremely high chance that you will give it to me with blessing, but If I told you that I will recycle it for you and sell it for 50$, chances are you will not want to give it to me but rather recycle it yourself or demand part of the “profit”.

Majority of the students were under the impression that we are doing it for the environment because we care, not to someone else’s pocket money; or isn’t what I am doing are for the same goal? For the environment? I love to fix stuff and mostly small electronics; I fix people’s computers and electronic devices without charging them a penny, why? Because I love what I am doing and I would rather see all of my work go to better other people’s life than money as I would feel guilty by charging them, a great artist will be more than happy to share and give his work to someone else who can also enjoy it.

*recycle bin, isn’t it a neutral ground? Where you drop it off and you allow to pick it back out, since it is open garbage it belongs to no one and everyone, and there should not be not a problem for someone to pick it back out. If it does has money to it, the money should either go back to the student or at least for the environment and what I am doing [recycling and repairing with recycle materials] are ultimately the same “for the good of environment”.

I am an engineering student, my whole life I have been collecting and gathering old parts and broken parts to fix others or even each other, and I give them away afterward to anyone who needs it. I am doing it for the bottom of my heart not for cold hard cash. If you have passion for something and love what you are doing, you will never ever ask to be paid for, as I see it, I am not doing any work, I am just doing what I always love to do…

Who am I? I am an Asian electrical engineering student at Lakehead University, an ex-student senate and a dedicated environmentalist, student and engineer: goes in that order

School is very bias about this, I was summoned to discipline committee, right the way they accuse me of stealing and whatever the other party did was righteous without even getting their fact and story straight. Constantly reminding me that I deserve that happened, on top of that, they are 100% on the campus tech’s side.

As what I can tell they do want to help me to get my charge drop, instead constantly reminding me that get a lawyer and when I question about why I was been charged for assault, they turn around and with a extreme discriminations and arrogances and told me: you only got charged for assault for now, does not mean Campus Tech can not also charge with “thief”, so consider yourself lucky!
What does that mean? When I ask about the understanding of “recycle bin” and what the messenger are telling to the students, they reply, since is in the garages; is theirs.

This is what the committee told me: they want to increase school’s reputation by spending more money on the equipments and labs, but when I ask about the students opinions, they reply, better equipment = better reputation. So I told them, I was a student senate and from most of students comments all I can tell you is: is the student loves the school, they will appreciate it more, as result more student comes in and less damage done to the equipments so on… they reply, it is none of my business and whatever they are doing is correct.

Lakehead University quit Mclean Magazine’s because due to the low rating that is given to the university and this is such sore loser act, is like when you loss a sport, immediately call the other team cheated so we quit. University of Windsor on the other hard did the complete opposite way, immediately they sent out a survey to all the students and inquire what need to be done and improve, within 2 years, 85%+ of improvements are completed from the student survey, and look at the rating now, it has improve quite a bit.

Lakehead University has a small town mentality and see all students as walking wallet, instead of focus their primary “customer service”, they focus on how to get the last penny off the students.
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