Temp too high on my laptop's CPU

I got a Samsung R60 Plus laptop with an Intel Core2 Duo T5250

My idle temps are at 86C

Full load temps get up to 98C but tend to hover around 92C at full load

I have had my vents cleaned out by the local pc shop a few months back and that helped somewhat but the temps are back up this high again so fast! I don't live in a dusty environment so I am guessing that my CPU fan is clogged with thick dust that has never got removed as my system is about 3 years old.

Am I right to assume that the problem is the CPU cooler? Is it easy to fix? Is it very difficult to clean a laptop CPU cooler? My only experience in this area is that I have taken out an old Pentium 4 processor a few years ago, cleaned it and reinstalled it with no issues but that was on a tower.
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  1. Idle should be around 50-60c. Load of 90-95 is common depending on ambient.

    Get a can of compressed air and blow out the fan with the power off and battery unplugged. Or get a strong shop vac and suck out the fan exhaust area. You don't HAVE to open the case.

    Get a laptop cooling pad. They help a lot when at a desk.
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