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Quick background... I currently need to build two computers. I've built a few before but that was a couple of years ago and I haven't kept up to date with components.

The first computer (mine) is essentially for gaming - mostly FPS games being played on esl. However I enjoy playing games with the graphics on high. I'll be looking to play BF3 and MW3 at a high standard. I would be looking around the £700-£850 area (sorry i know you are americans mostly).

The second computer (brothers) is for gaming but also for rendering in CAD. So I can only assume his will require a more powerful CPU? He is looking around the £700-£800 mark.

This is just the computer unit, e.g. no monitor or keyboard etc

I have done some research and came up with some basic parts (some blanks because I have no idea):

CPU: Core i5-2500K

GPU : 6950 sapphire graphics card


RAM: Corsair vengeance 8gb

PSU: Antec EarthWatts 750W


HDD: 2Tb WD Caviar Green


OS: windows 7 64 Bit

Maybe : SSD- 60Gb OCZ Vertex II SSD

For the second computer I wasn't sure if getting an i7 would be more useful due to his needs of rendering on CAD? I don't mind if you make suggestions that take the budgets under or over slightly
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  1. What program is your brother using , and what is he rendering ?

    Your computer
    I'd use a smaller psu
    a larger SSD
    and a hard drive thats not so slow
  2. ok ill go for a faster harddrive

    my brother would be rendering buildings on CAD... not sure of the specific CAD program... but he is an architect so something along those lines
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