MODU87+ --- Anyone have this?

Does anyone have any experience with this power supply?

I've always thought a strong single 12v line would be the best option, however this one has three smaller 12v lines... Can someone shed some light on me?
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  1. Single Rail vs. Multi Rail really doesn't matter on a well-designed PSU with properly defined OCP set points. The Enermax Modu87+ is such a PSU, and has received excellent competent technical reviews. The only shortcoming I see is that it only comes with two PCIE cables. You'd have to use adapters to power a pair of high-end GPUs. For the price, check out the Seasonic X-650 or X-750.
  2. Wow I just now noticed it only has 2 pcie cables (was actually considering this PSU over my original XFX 650)... I was more concerned and wondered more about the multiple rails.

    I guess I have no other reason to look any furthur about questions with the Enermax.
  3. The Modu87+ actually does have four PCIe connectors. I know it says two on the overview tab, but that is wrong or a misprint or something like that. If you check any review of it, or the Enermax product page or even the details tabs then you will see that it has four.
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