When playing bf3 should the CPU &GPU reach 65+C

This was technically my first build.


AMD FX-8150 Zambezi 3.6GHz Socket AM3+ 125W Eight-Core (not using stock fan)

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus

XFX Radeon HD 6870


8 gigs of ram


Case: COOLER MASTER HAF 912 with 2 fans that came with it

CPU idle: 34-38C, GPU idle: 36-40C
I was planning on overclocking my cpu as well, but after seeing that once i started BF3 my cpu and gpu would reach 65C immediately after starting the game, and when playing a less intense game like League of Legends, cpu was 40C 'ish, and GPU at 50-60C ish. Then my fans would start running at full capacity, idk if it should be normal or not, but since it is the first build, I was wondering if the reason for my CPU getting so hot was cuz i didn't apply the thermal paste correctly. I was just wondering if this was considered normal.
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  1. If the CPU MAX temp on the AMD Zambezi is the same as Phenom II (62 degrees Celsius, but many users would recommend don't go over 55 degrees Celsius), then yes your CPU is way to hot. If I were you I would get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus cooler. They are very cheap and on my AMD build even with overclocking it 700 MHZ, my processor maxes out at about 46 degrees.

    The GPU is fine, they have much higher thermal capacities.

    EDIT: Oh you already have that cooler... hmm well either you installed it wrong or Zambezi better have a higher temperature limit or your in trouble haha.
  2. Yeah, originally I was gonna go with a i7 2600k, but then i changed my mind and saved money going AMD.

    Wow, you're making it sound like i'm frying my CPU lol, I guess I have to look into what the normal temp rage for my CPU then, should i re-apply thermal pasting to the cpu, or is that possible lol, this was my first build on my own, so I knew i had messed up something :P.

    Even before installing my OS or anything else, the bios was reading 35-40C lol.

    What got me looking into how hot my CPU was getting was when i first started BF3 once the game started my MACHINE woke up and fans started speeding at full speed. Thanks for clarifying my GPU hahah cuz that reached 70C at one point :P

    EDIT: Found out recommended temp should be 61-63C at max.
  3. No i would say your CPU is right around were it should be, it may be a tad bit hot for running at stock with a aftermarket cooler but is NOT going to fry it. The post above refers to max operating temp of 60, this is not the temps you are reading from a hw monitor program like fanspeed, hw monitor, or your bios. the temps you are reading are actually the TJmax temps.The temps mentioned by tokadub are the tcase temps. Your tjmax on the 8150 is 90c. So 60 - 70 is not a problem at all! I dont run ATI/AMD gpu so not to familiar with there operating temps but i know from experience that GPU's are meant to run alot hotter then your cpu. My gpu temps run from 70 - 80 on max load depending on how long u game for. some peoples gpus run in the 80 - 90's all the time! 65 is actually a low temp for gpu running at 100%
  4. usually u see loads of 65 - 75 on a stock cooler not aftermarket i would try to reseat if i were you but like i said that temp is not one to be overly worried about at all. I OC my 2 desktops and on prime95 after 12 hours i reach temps of 71 on my i7 2600k ( 4.6ghz ) and 69 on my i5 760 ( 3.8ghz ) but this is also with after market cooler! stock cooler i would be seeing those temps running at stock speed.
  5. Thanks for all your replies.

    I looked in

    BIOS CPU temp: 35-40C 's idle.

    Speed Fan: 38 - 42C's idle.

    Core Temp: 20C - 36C idle.

    so I don't know which one is actually giving me the real reading. As long as its nothing to worry like some of you said, then I won't pay much attention to it, I have exams these 2 weeks, and finals are coming up right after it, so I don't have much time to actually be worrying about reseating it right away then okay :/. I was planning to OC it as well.
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