7000 AMD series coming anytime soon?

I was wondering if anyone knew if they were going to be released soon as I want to get a 6850 but $180 is maybe a tad too much for me.

So if they were to be released soon I'd just like to see if there would be a price drop for the 6850.
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  1. Your youtube page says you're from the USA, so you can get a 6850 for $149.99 with rebate from newegg:


    You can get the XFX version for $10 less, but I have an XFX 6870, and they run hot and are very loud when you turn the fan up.

    Concerning the 7xxx series, I wouldn't expect a release till early next year.
  2. That's actually the one I am going to get! lol

    Also I got this one specifically for the cooling.
  3. Derbixrace said:

    I am dealing with a small case and no cooling. So that is not an option. Also it has no rebate.
  4. The Cyclone edition has much better cooling than the XFX version. As long as you know it will fit, I'd go ahead and get it. Btw, the MSI 6850 is ~21.5cm long.
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