Is this a decent graphics card?

Is this a decent graphics card?

like to play aion on high quality with highest settings

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6550M

if not do you guys know of any cheap gaming laptops under 800$

this is one that looks pretty good

and is nvidia a lot better than ati/amd graphics cards?

Thanks so much!!!!
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  1. If you can wait a month or two, expect a lil' drop in "gaming" Notebooks price thanks to AMD. They'll bring the A8 line (Llano-based) to the market with great performance per dollar.

    If you're in a hurry, I blindy recomend my own notebook: Asus N53Jf. It's a gaming beast for it's price point, but the battery life sucks major booty FYI. Haven't checked prices lately, but it should be around the 800's. Got mine for 900ish.

  2. You should be really close to maxing it out if your not already able to.I've had the desktop version of the 5570 in the past with a quad core and it could easily max out L4D and other Steam games.

    With that i5 and the 6550 you should be able to play it on max settings.
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