Please help me figure this out

Just put in a new card becuz i thought my old one was dead and causing the games to crash. Before it was a garbled image, loud stuttering noise, then computer shut down. since new card, the games just crash to desktop with a exe has stopped working error( in crysis's, BC2 just exists) and only after about 2 mins of play.

the only thing that hasnt been RMA'd or replaced is the CPU and windows7 64 bit, but the OC always holds, even when it used to shut the computer down. the temps are never over 50. in bios is says NB temp gets areound 60 sometimes, i have put a fan on it before and kept it around 50, still crashed.

im using OEM drivers for my new 560 ti 2G, i shouldnt have to re-install games right?
I will try the newest nvidia drivers.
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  1. running cpu stability test core temp says the hights temp for any core is 70 c ambient is around 74, COD AVP both ran fine. seems like EA games keep crashing

    just got the system crash with a bsod and a dxgmms1.sys error which is the same thing i was getting with the old card. I've RMA"d this foxconn renaissance board 3 times and they assure me its fine.

    just tested HDD with seatools passed.
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