PC build. Is this Good for gaming?

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    If you're going to go AMD, then you ought to look into AM3+ boards. The 550ti is underpowered at 1080p, and even if those boards could SLI, the Tom's editors say they microstutter when set up as such. SO, I'd recommend going with an AM3+ mobo, and putting as much money as you can into the GPU, grab a 560(ti) or a 6970 if you can, along with a board that can SLI/CF.

    Edit: Meant to mention that I'd go with 4GB of some faster RAM, you can save some money and up your performance. I like these:

    Edit 2: I see you didn't mention a resolution, I got 1080p from the last thread I was looking at.
  2. Don't go with a 6970, because you can just overclock the 6950 to reach the same performance at around $75 less.

    As ^^ said, if you're going AMD processor/mobo you need to get an AM3+ board. Then you'll be able to upgrade to bulldozer later. (or sooner, depending on when they are released.)
  3. In order to almost-max BF3 (which a 580 and an i7 couldn't to, btw), you need to SLI the 6950 and get an i5 2500k/i7 2600k if intel or Quad/Octo-core bulldozer if AMD.
  4. I meant 6870. But a 6950 would be ideal.
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