9400gt Problems with Windows 7

So I just finished building a new pc for my brother. The problem now is that for some reason it won't run aero and it's gaming performance is terrible now. I built an all new computer other than the power supply and graphics card from an older pc that this is replacing.

Old pc specs - not sure on specifics

dell e310 pc

CPU - Pentium 4 single core @ 2.8Ghz
HDD - 80gb IDE drive
Motherboard - dell custom
Ram - 2gb Gskill
Psu - Antec 380d 380 watt atx
Graphics Card - Sparkle 9400gt 512mb pci edition
OS - Windows XP 32bit
Case - Dell E310 Case

Newly Built PC

CPU - AMD phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.2Ghz
HDD - WD Caviar Black 500gb sata3.0
Motherboard - MSI 870a-g54
Ram - 4gb GSkill Ripjaws
PSU - Antec 380d 380 watt ATX
Graphics Card - Sparkle 9400gt 512mb pci edition
Windows 7 64bit
Case - Apevia X-Trooper

Windows 7 runs slightly slow and when I put on an aero theme it slows down a ton. It can't handle windows-tabbing and when I drag a box on the desktop it lags behind the mouse a ton.

The only game that I was able to test was Starcraft II.
On the old PC the game ran on medium/high settings at 40fps and that was with the CPU bottlenecking.
On the new PC it has to be put on all lowest settings and it still will only run at 20fps with very few units on the screen.

Please help me solve this problem I have tried everything and I have no idea what to do. I have installed and uninstalled the drivers from Nvidia multiple times, and I have tried other drivers as well. I made sure to set the primary video device to PCI instead of PCI-E in the motherboard BIOS. Please help me!
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  1. the video card is the main problem. it is a very old and slow video card. you will need to upgrade to a pci-e 2.0 x16 video card. also, you will probably need to upgrade your power supply. 380 watts is not going to be enough. you will probably need a 500 to 650 watt power supply
  2. The video card is better than my laptop's hd 4200 though, by far, and the cpu is also far better but my laptop runs better on aero and in every game. Also, the 9400gt has a 300 watt recommendation and you don't need more than 500 watts unless you are buying a really top of the line card. I was thinking about upgrading to the hd 5770, which would have more than enough power. People use the 380d to power gtx 460s and hd 6850s all the time.
  3. would Windows 7 really slow down a card that much? it seems more like a driver issue. I tested the card in the old computer on all lowest settings and got more than 60 frames per second constantly throughout a 4v4 with a ton of enemy units. It seems strange that upgrading EVERYTHING about the computer would make the frame rate drop by 45+ fps. That doesn't make any sense at all.
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