Will win 7 os and this motherboard allow me to use 8 gigs ram

can my gigabyte ga-ma790x-vd4p which is currently running xp pro be up graded to windows 7 and be able to run and reconize 8 gigs of ram ? .
the processor is the amd phenom 9950 quad core processor .

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  1. is this your MB ? http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3038#ov
    I dont think there is a Vd4p model ..maybe you meant UD4P ?
  2. yes thats it sorry my bad on the typo, .
  3. sorry guys i posted this in the wrong forum.
  4. It will support up to 16GB of RAM as long as you are using a 64-bit operating system.
  5. how about 32 bit os more than 4 gig ?
    thank you for the reply
  6. 32-bit OS will only allow up to 4GB, but because many things on the motherboard needs to be addressed by a 32-bit OS as well, you likely only end up with 3.25BG of RAM that can be addressed.
  7. Also you need to find ddr2 ram, which might be around 100 bucks :(
  8. in theory yes , but as said you will need 64 bit OS (and make sure your CPU is 64bit as well, which I am pretty sure that Quad is) to see the 8gb ram..also need to check with MB maker to make they have 64bit drivers available for all the other stuff on board, sound, network card, etc (most do and pretty sure Gygabyte will have those)
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