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I need a graphics card under $100 (preferably under $75) that will hold up until late 2012. I need it to be able to play games, not on the highest settings. Please list any that are better than the Nvidia 9500GT (which is what I have)
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    HD 5770 or GTX 260. The 260 is the fastest card at that price point but also consumes more power.
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    Anyways, take a look at Tom's Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart for a good reference:,2935-7.html

    A 9500GT is not very good at all, so anything new for more than $40 will be a huge upgrade. From a performance standpoint, a GTX 260 should give you about 5 times the framerates of a 9500GT on the same settings.

    A Radeon 5830 was for sale for $100 not too long ago. I'd try to get one of those for that price. Otherwise, go for a Radeon 5770 or GeForce GTX 460 768MB. Keep an eye on Newegg deals (get on their email list) and to find a great deal.

    Are you planning on buying right now or are you willing to wait a couple days or a week for a deal?
  4. My prices were without fail in rebates.
  5. heres a hd 5670 its pretty decent at lower resolutions. pretty cheap and comes with a rebate

    edit:i meant to say resolutions not settings. my bad
  6. It's also a piece of crap.
  7. At exactly $100, the best you'll find is pretty much a GTX 460 SE 1GB. The SE version tops the 5770 handily and the 5830 in most cases. It should also beat out the GTX 260 while using less power and has DX11 support. Here it is for $99 right now:
  8. I agree that if the OP is using a 9500GT, a $60 5670 is the best on price/performance. AND I doubt the OP has a PSU that can handle a real gaming card anyways.

    A 5670 is probably the safest bet since it's the best thing you can get without a real Power Supply.
  9. You keep including MIR in your prices without saying the price before and after...

    250W over 12V can easily power a 5770 system.
  10. i doubt you can beat this at 60 bucks.

    60 bucks BEFORE mail in rebate >:D
  11. Who's to say his PSU provides 250W? My work computer says "330W" but then only has 17A on the +12V rail or something like that, so it's really a 220W PSU.

    ^+1 to Computer Nugget. You cannot beat that at $60. It's got about 4x the performance of a 9500GT.

    The OP will really notice the upgrade and he's not a serious gamer (or he'd have more than a 9500GT) so it'll do everything he needs. What resolution do you game at?

    I think the OP left actually.
  12. He didn't say he didn't so he might as well check. If he can use a video card that costs $40 but is 2-3 times more powerful why not.
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