Is My Bios compatible with new cpu

Hello everyone. Today I was happy to have gotten my hands on a q6600 quad cpu, i had rushed home and

quickly installed it with new thermal paste but once i had powered on my pc there was only a black screen,

with the fans working, wondered why but i gave removing the mobo's battery for a few minutes a try, the

condition still not had change. But any ways i was wondering if my mobo's bios had something to do with it

Motherboard name: Intel Tappen D945GTP

BIOS Version:NT94510J.86A.4131.2009.1122.2232

Thank you for your time
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  1. According to this it's not compatible at all (none of the Core 2's are).

    A Pentium D 960 is the best CPU that is compatible with that board.
  2. Aww damm, i was really hoping it work,looks like i gotta find a new mobo but thank you for your quick reply
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    You're welcome. Sorry for the bad news, though. :(
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