What the hell.... Computer shut down.

Hey guys,

Recently built my first gaming rig after some discussion here. It has been working perfectly until yesterday.

After 3 hours of use (some gaming, but not during event) my computer just shut down as if the power plug was pulled. It seemed to attempt to turn it self back on just once, but it failed very quickly (Led flashed on then off in 1 sec). After this, the power button didn't turn it on for approx. 2-3 minutes (seemed dead). It then turned on when I pressed the power button.

It did the same thing again today, a couple hours ago. Critical system event reads:
"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

I have no idea how to go about figuring out what is wrong. One thing to note: When I play crisis on full, the game sometimes crashes-- this is apparently a common problem with EVGA superclocked 570, like mine. I've heard up-ing the voltage fixes this, but did not try it.

Please help!
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  1. The tech support from EVGA is really good! See what they recommend in this case. Raising the voltage does fix CPU issues as long as it is well within the manufacturer's voltage limits. The same must hold true for the GPU too.

    It is quite possible that the voltage is in the marginal range at present (GPU).
  2. I'm not talking about just my GPU.

    My whole computer shut down twice and won't turn back on for 2-3 minutes. The video card issue was a side note, since this problem may have to do something with PSU.
  3. Take a good hard look at the PSU. Might be failing.
  4. To rule out overheating issues, take the sides off your case and blow a deskfan in there while playing. If that helps, then you know something useful about heat disipation within your case. If not that, then likely your power supply isn't keeping up with demands.
  5. How do I know that the PSU is failing? Also, I can say with sureness that the computer is not overheating.
  6. Sounds very much like a power supply problem
  7. Asus VE228H 21.5" Full HD HDMI LED BackLight ...
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    This is what i put together. So if the psu isn't pushing enough power, do I need to get one with higher power? Does up-ing voltage do anything?
  8. once again, i have the same problem as many with different hardware. i am convinced now that it is windows 7.
  9. How long do I have from purchase to RMA?
  10. RMA'ing perfectly good hardware is not the solution to an issue you don't understand... or know how to resolve.
  11. I've done that, and it is not the ram. There are no motherboard beeps during the shutdown event. The event log just says unexpected shutdown, and beyond that I can't find any useful information...

    I'm really not a computer expert at all so I have not idea how to go about problem-solving.
  12. For PSU - What is your +12V rail reading at Idle, and under load?
    What I would do to help Isolate problem.

    PSU - Open a program that will display voltages. If you have a MB utility that shows voltage you can use that. I use HWMonitor. HWMonitor works on some systems very well, on others it does not, but worth a try. Any open the program and look at the +12 V @ idle. Download and run Prime 95, If +12V dropps below 11.4 - ditch PSU (Note 11.4 is the Min spec, I use 11.6 as a min). Only need to run for 10 Minutes - Also MONITOR CPU temps as Prime 95 will heat up your CPU more than games.. Can run longer to chech CPU/memory stability.

    GPU and PSU - Next, Again monitoring the +12V and GPU temp. download furmark and run it. Again +12 V no lower than 11.4 and GPU temp should be under what ever is consired a max temp for your GPU. I don't know that value as I'm not a gamer.
  13. my cpu got to 75 yestarday testing it, no crash, try to play crysis,2, bfbc2, crash to desktop. so,yeah.
  14. Since day one, I adjusted my "EVGA Precision" settings to run GPU fan so that temps do not go over ~60 C at max. load.

    Anyway, I'm going to be running those stress tests you guys suggested to try to zoom in on the problem...
  15. Okay Prime95 results read with HWMonitor:
    Ran "blend" stress test for ~40 min. No problems noted. However, the +12 under the motherboard info reads ~8.18V (max 8.27V). I have no idea what this means-- RetiredChief please explain?

    Additionally, "powers" sections reads packages- 6.87 min and 13.10W max. IA cores read 2.33W min and 8.47W max.

    Fans PWM under the motherboard section is at 100% everywhere (min, max, value). Are all these things normal?
  16. Uninstall HWMonitor, They have not got it set up for the some of the newer systems yet.

    "the +12 under the motherboard info reads ~8.18V (max 8.27V). " probably means the software is "garbage in, garbage ouit" This means that HWMonitor is looking in the wrong location for the voltage and is getting an incorrect value, so is telling you an incorrect reading. If +12 V was 8.8VDC, your computer would not be running to measure it. Did your MB come with a utility that that will show the +12 V, if so try that.

    If You can not find a software program to measure the voltage, I normally recommend buying a cheap Digital voltmeter, $15->$20 @ walmart - auto section. They are very simple to Use.
    I'm going to explain as if you have NO idea.
    Plug the red meter lead into a Molex connector, the pin that goes to the yellow wire (Will be at one end). Plug the Black meter Lead in to on of the two center pins on the molex connector (Will have a Black wire). Note The other end of the Molex connector has a red wire and this is your +5 V. Power up system and read voltage on the Meter (Meter switch should Be in the +DC posistion). Again run Prime 95 and re-read.

    Note: fans at 100% because Prime 95 has heated up your CPU and the fan is trying to keep it cool.

    Added: The HWMonitor Power values are also out in left field, so disregaurd.
  17. Thanks. The fans are at 100% even when I don't run Prime95... Whats going on?

    Also, I ran Furmark for like ~15 min, and temps maxed at like 62C. Voltage read 1.025V... Didn't experience any problems.
  18. Youngwoony said:
    Thanks. The fans are at 100% even when I don't run Prime95... Whats going on?

    If they are connected directly to the PSU, they will run at 100%.

    If they are connected to fan headers on the motherboard, then the 'speed logic' must be set in the BIOS. Maybe they are set to run at 100% for temps over 30 degrees C or something like that. You can change that logic in the BIOS.
  19. Need to look at CPU temp. NOTE the CPU fan and GPU fans are the only ones that should vary based on the temperature of your CPU and GPU. The other case fans will run at 100%.

    Again you need to use a program that provides temperature reading
    Try speedfan, or realtemp. Look @ cpu temp, primarily when you run prime95. If temp is getting above 85C STOP Prime 95, you have a Heat problem.
  20. CPU temps are good. 38~40C at idle and ~50C with prime95 so far.
  21. i've used the MSI control center for readings:
    3.3V= 3.200V
    5V= 5.129V
    12V= 12.144V

    with prime95 (20 min):
    3.3V= 3.200V
    5V= 5.087V
    12V= 12.056V or 12.144V flux.
    CPU= 38C
  22. ^ Looks good to me, both voltages and temps.
  23. I don't know whats going on with these two problems.
    1) Computer shuts down sometimes and won't start again for ~5 min.
    2) EVGA GTX570 SC crashes when playing crysis 2 at max settings+dx11,etc.

    PSU doesnt seem to be the problem... How should I check if the GPU is problematic? I ran Furmark and nothing happened.
  24. anyone have any other suggestions?
  25. Best answer
    Possible software conflick, ie a driver. Can try re-installing drivers (run ccleaner after removal). Possibly re-install windows.
    Longer run of prime 95 to verify memory, normally for checking cpu/memory errors a min of 4 hours, most recommend 8 hours (ie over night)

    Anything else would involve swaping components and subject to availability.
    While the PSU voltages look great, there is one case that may not show up and that is if the voltages has a very fast spike on it. To truely say it's not the PSU, you would need to swap it out.
    GPU, if GPU temps where fine with while runing Furmark, then driver problem or hardware. Could swap out GPU.
  26. Best answer selected by Youngwoony.
  27. Using Prime 95 in blend mode is fine for extended period of time ie 8 hrs, ASLONG as temps do not get to high. The temps will reach max in 15->30 Minutes.
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