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Can a 650w power 2 gtx 560 with a slit over clock

Building a system and would like to know if a 650w can power 2 gtx 560 for when i sli in the future
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    A good 650 W will do it fine, but not all PSUs are created equal. Something like the Corsair HX 650 will do it without issue, but something like the Coolmax NW-650B with only 540 W(45 A) available between its 12 V rails would likely die a very sad death to a setup like that.
  2. haha the Corsair HX 650w was the one i was going to get :D
  3. Just as reliable as a HX-650 but cheap atm.
    Antec Truepower New 650W Modular
  4. cool thanks ill get my dad to order it for me thanks
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