AMD FX 8-core vs. Dual Quad-COre xeon

I am building a high end computer for gaming, and video editing. What is better; An AMD FX 8-core or dual Xeon Qud-Core?
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  1. The AMD FX 8150 looses in gaming to a I5 2500K if that answers your question. It even looses to a fast Phenom II X4 980.
  2. FX 8150 looses to the I5 2500K in most tasks, those that use all 8 cores properly in which it actually out performs an I5 2500k, it than gets beat by the I7 2600K. Dual Xeons would crush an FX 8150 for video editing.

    AMD failed with the FX line, IPC is lower than Phenom II, making it lower than Sandy Bridge, Nehalem, and even Core2Quad. They increased the pipeline with idea of having high clock speeds, than failed to clock higher than Intels Sandy Bridge while consuming far more power. There is some hope the architecture can be improved upon, but right now it's EPIC fail.
  3. If you are willing to spend that much just get a 2600k or a 2500k :P
  4. go for the i72600k, it is a real multitasker and gaming cpu, 8120 cant even roam arround it
  5. a quad core i7 2600k is faster than a fx 8 core. The FX chips are flops, dont buy one. If you want more power than that there are some new intel 6 core chips, but the price is rediculous. Stick with a 2600k for video editing. For gaming the i5 2500k is all you need with a good gfx card.
  6. if its a pro setup then the 2 xeons is the way to go. if its a home setup then wait for the new 2011 sockets and new iterations from Nvidia and amd your likely to see a 10%+ performance increase over the 1155 setups.
  7. The New AMD 8 Core Fx would be much better because the new CPU of AMD was not made for Windows 7 But for Future Windows 8 when some of the Horse Power Kick in as well as other Function that are not Supported under Windows 7! Until then Intel I7 Extreme CPU will claim a Little Victory Then AMD Will claim the Crown! :D
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