Case Carrying Straps (Haf 932)

I just got a Cooler Master HAF 932 (Advanced) case which I love the layout of...however it doesn't have any handles to carry, unlike other similar cases. I will be toting this mammoth around to LAN parties a few times a year and wondered if there is any way to make the transport easier/safer (especially since I have a large Noctua D14 cooler on the CPU) seems some nylon straps would be perfect. Are there any recommended choices for this? My searches came up mostly empty except this ( is so inexpensive that I'm inclined to believe it is trash (plus have not calculated whether it would fit the 932, guessing not)...any thoughts?
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  1. I'd give this a shot!
    Antec LanBoard Computer Transport Apparatus
    Quite good from all accounts i've ever read on the net.
  2. Thanks for the info davcon...much appreciated. That Antec unit looks like it has pretty solid reviews on Newegg...Amazon however shows some dissatisfied customers. Guess I could just return if its not what I want.

    Also, I'm really just looking for straps as the HAF 932 comes w/optional castors if I decide I need 'em.

    I did find this strap...may be what I need:
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