Is it possible to Game and surf the Web?

Ok, well I have 2 monitors set up on my desktop. Is it possible to play EG: CS:S or CoD4 (PC) and on the other monitor go on youtube and facebook... BUT without minimizing the game..

When I am playing CoD4 and I click on the other monitor to refresh my youtube it minimizes my game.. How can I make it so it doesnt do that?

Maybe windowed mode? ANy other way??

If it helps I do have NVidia Control Center and all that
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  1. I dont know the answer to your question, but I can't understand why you would want to use both, facebook isn't that important is it? Normally when im playing a game i dont get a sudden urge to use youtube or facebook.
  2. Nope. Only one window can be active at one time.

    The mouse will only work in one window at a time. Otherwise how would you be able to turn around using the mouse if moving the mouse to either your left or right will move the mouse onto the other window?
  3. erm.... well why don't you try what you're asking and you can then enlighten us all?
  4. Sorry for the sarcasm, I didn't read the original post properly.

    Basically if you extend the desktop onto the other monitor and leave it as windowed mode it will work. It does on my HD5970 anyway, not sure about Nvidia GPU's.
  5. Running in windowed mode should work.
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