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Hey everyone, I was on the forums a few months back looking for advice on buying a new video card for my system. One posted feedback was "I would be more concerned that you have the infamous M2N78-LA board.

http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware/m8530f-desktop-PC-with-M2N78-LA-mother-board-doesn-t-r...", and around that same time I had this experience:

05-06-2012 07:28 AM

actually, now that you mention it. i do believe i have had problems with my mobo already. recently i got the blue screen and my comp wouldnt start up, HP diagnostics tried saying my harddrive failed. system repair wouldnt work, reinstall of windows wouldnt work... i eventually had to install windows onto a different partition from what i usually do, just to get my computer back online, and for some reason that worked. once it was back up, i realized all of my old files were still accessable, and that the harddrive seemed to be fine. i have since completely reformatted the entire harddrive and did a fresh install of windows. havent had any problems with the harddrive, but a HP diagnostic scan before start up still indicates that my harddrive is failing (HD-8 error). i read online somewhere that it might be a problem with the MOBO. what should i do about this? just continue on until my mobo inevitably fails?

Well... fast forward to 9/02/12 and I think my computer is in serious trouble. I will update my last post by saying my computer would receive random blue screens upon start up several times since May, but nothing required complete reformats or installation of windows... the computer would flash the blue screen, successfully repair itself, then restart normally. Well I knew I was pushing my luck and I think my system finally had enough. The other day, it decided it did not want to start (it was stuck on windows loading screen for several hours). I tried system repair and everything else I could think of, and I noticed throughout whatever I was doing, the computer would take incredibly long to do anything I asked it to. I messed around with it, eventually ended up reformatting it, and although my computer starts and I seem to be able to browse files on the harddrive, everything seems to take an amazingly long time, enough time to make the computer unusable.

So if you managed to make it this far through my story, first I want to say thanks, and secondly I would like to know if this sounds characteristic of a mobo problem or if it could be something else?

Thanks in advance for any help/feedback,

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  1. These kind of problems are the worst to troubleshoot...

    One thing you can try is to swap out your RAM sticks one at a a time and see if the general responsiveness and stability changes. Faulty RAM could be the cause of blue screens and data corruption.

    It could also still be the harddrive, or maybe a faulty SATA connecter on the board. Try moving the SATA cable to a different port on the mobo. If that doesn't work, the SATA controller could be failing, and then you have no choice but to replace the mobo.
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