Computer wont boot without turning power supply off and then back on

My computer won't boot without tuning off the power supply and then back on again after a few minutes. After that it runs great and even reboots. But, if I leave it set for a long period of time it won't boot it just has a black screen. Could there be something wrong with my video card? I replaced my power supply with a new 550 watt power supply.
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  1. I suggest replacing the motherboard battery. It may be dead and not holding CMOS contents, which are necessary for a successful boot.
  2. Did you just add the video card?

    Is the PC exhibiting the same behavior with the new PSU as with the old PSU?

    I had a bad video card that caused boot and other issues. It happened right after I added it to my system. I ended up having to exchange it. Once I did, the issues went away.
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