Computer automatically restarts. Whats the problem?

Hey I built a new computer roughly 3 months ago and its been going well until lately the screen goes black after a split second of scratchy colors everywhere it restarts, also there isn't a blue screen either with the error message. This has happened 3 times now in a month. I figure the problem is probably the motherboard or graphics card. My temperatures across the board are 44C -56c so it isn't a overheat problem and my PSU has more than enough power. This has happened only when I'm gaming, surfing the web, on Teamspeak, and running a background program for the game. Drivers are up to date also. My computer set up is:

ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 AMD 890FX
XFX Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit
AMD Phenom II X6
8 gigs of Ram
850 Corsair PSU

Anyone have some ideas on what I should do? Thanks guys.
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  1. Are you overclocking your graphics card or CPU. An unstable overclock could cause this problem, if you are overclocking, try returning your clockspeeds and voltages to default. Another possibility is the PSU may not be providing sufficient voltage to your components. You can try to test the PSU with a multimeter, or try to find a voltage monitoring program, though you may want to avoid HWMonitor, it tends to not correctly report voltages. You can also check the motherboard to make sure none of the capacitors is bulging at the top.
  2. ^ its a new build, i doubt any capacitors would be failing, but i guess it could be a faulty psu. +1 to remove any overclocking first, then, since you say you have colours everywhere and restarts, id be thinking along the lines of video card. Try remove the card and re-seat it, also re-seat your ram while your at it. It could also be a driver issue. install the latest drivers, and also update the BIOS for your motherboard.
  3. ok I reset my motherboard to original settings. Also re-seated everything as told. If the problem occurs again Ill repost. Yea I was using HWmonitor for temperature but I believe my motherboard come with an integrating voltage monitor. I remember seeing it. What should normal voltage settings be for my video card. The requirement was 550w. But voltages is different right.

    Is it fine if I unlock all 6 cores on my cpu. It stays at 4 in stock settings and I feel like if I wanted to by a 4 core cpu I wouldn't have bought a 6.
  4. Ok i think figured out the problem. The motherboard version was not the appropiate one for my cpu. Changed it to 1302 version i believe and if that doesn't work a friend told me to change it to some 1900 version. Hopefully this does the trick. I won't overclock it for about a week and then see what happens after. I also ran a stress test last night to see if anything was wrong but everything seems ok. My voltages seem to be fine by the way.
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