CAS Latency for Gskill Ripjaws X

Hi, i need some help to clarify if i should change the CAS Latency of my ram to 7-7-7-21

Here is the link of my ram

I know that the CAS Latency is stated there is 7-7-7-21. Im about to change that but i think twice then decided not to until im sure of it.

Here is the screenshot of the Memory

and here is the SPD (both slots are the same entry)

And one more thing, i have another ram which is not popular i think (maybe generic) here is the link

Is it possible for this ram to join my 2 ripjaws x?

I hope someone help me clarify these. Thank you!
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  1. MotherBoard???????

    Depending on MB/CPU, changing it (depending on MB Bios) could be as simple as going into Bios and selecting XMP, use profile 1.

    1) side comment, WHY are you in single channel mode and not daul channel mode.

    2) Yes you can generally add a third stick (It's recommended that it have the same specs), But for Daul channel mode memory should be paired - again recommended - Identical specs.
  2. My mobo is DH55TC. here it is

    Uhm, im sorry but i don't know how to do that (dual channel) :c i don't know everything and anything about pc's so can you teach me? Im a fast learner though.

    So it's okay to put on my old ram for now? And replace it in the future with the same ripjaws x?
  3. Dual Channel use the 'Blue' DIMM slots; not Black + Blue.

    Performance Memory Profiles /
    Performance > Memory Overrides -> XMP Profile1
    Save & Exit = Yes
  4. Thank you sir. So it's okay for me to change the CAS Latency to 7-7-7-21 now? As soon as i get an "Yes" from you i'll do it right away.
  5. If you set the BIOS as I posted above then your RAM should be loaded (running) at Rated (DDR3-1333 7-7-7-23-2N @ 1.50v).
  6. Oh, i'll try that one. I didn't see such option like that. It only has "Performance" then below is the proccecor and the memory.
  7. Unfortunately, Intel has some of the worst MOBO manuals. Since XMP is an 'Intel-developed JEDEC SPD extension' I would assume it's somewhere buried in the BIOS so you'll need to look around. I do not use Intel MOBO's.
  8. Okay, i'll just try finding it out. Will let you know if i found it. Thanks!
  9. This is where I looked-up the info -> the BIOS information is in a 'By Menu' order and unfortunately generic.

    Alternatively, you'd need to set the RAM CAS Timings manually.
  10. Okay, will change the RAM CAS now. Thank you for the help sir!
  11. Did change the RAM CAS now. And i think its faster than before. I have a spare 2gb memory Apacer DDR3 but PC3-8500. Would it be okay if i install it with the Ripjaws X?
  12. I really don't recommend mix-matching RAM, The IC's are different and the risk of excessive errors goes way up. If in normal running there's no free memory listed in the Resource Manager then purchase an identical set of F3-10666CL7D-4GBXH.
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