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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a new AGP graphic card. I currently have a ATI Radeon HD 3600 series. I know, so outdated. I bought this when I rebuilt my computer from the ground up. Foxconn motherboard. I'm running OS Win 7 pro 32bit. Intel Celeron CPU 2.80 GHZ. Have 2 GB memory. There is so much out there to choose from. How do I choose?? I like to watch movies and play online games. Surfing the net is fast and reliable. Movies do have a pause from time to time. Online game are becoming aggravating. Slow. Please direct me to my best choice. Money is not an option. I want to keep what I have with max performance.
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  1. I think your problems are probably more related to a CPU bottleneck more than anything else. A single core Celeron is simply too slow for any sort of gaming, aside from maybe the odd flash based game. You probably have a Socket 478 board of something like that, meaning your only upgrade option without a new mobo would be a Pentium 4, and those are starting to get too slow for anything except basic web browsing and videos.

    Best video card available in AGP would be the Radeon HD 4870. It would be considerably faster than the 3600 card, but your CPU would severely bottleneck it, so I'm not sure if you would see a huge performance boost from getting one, due to low demand for AGP, these cards also weren't produced in very large numbers, and are thus quite pricy.
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