How do I reinstall 'Search for files & folders' in WinXP?

Hi all - I'm having a 'mare with XP's search. I'm on SP2.

I get a blank search box when doing [WINDOWS]+[F] or Start > Search > Files & Folders.

How do I reset/reinstall it please?

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  1. Wrong section please repost here: or PM a moderator and they can move it for you.
  2. No worries, sorry about that. I'm not sure how to move it though...

    Note that I tried to select that section when I was posting the topic - but when I chose it and clicked the Submit button, I was told I had to select a sub-category. I tried it again and same thing. I assumed it was a bug in the website so I accepted what it came up with as a default.

    The issue is sorted now anyway, it turned out that JScript.dll wasn't registered and I had to run "regsvr32 jscript.dll"
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