Core i5-750 overheating

Hey. So I have a gaming rig that i have been using for an year+ now. Specs are as follows:-

CPU: Core i5-750 (quad core 2.66 GHz)
MOBO: Asus P7P550
RAM: 4 GB DDR3 dominator
VGA: XFX HD 4890
PSU: Corsair 650 W

About a month ago, my PC slowed down while gaming. It would take time to load games and even during normal PC usage, it was bogged down.
Opening 8-10 tabs in google chrome became a prob for my PC.
I installed HWmonitor and Speedfan as i feared heating issues. And i was right. My CPU was flaring at 90-98 degrees Celsius (200+ degrees Fahrenheit) while idle.

The casing is well ventilated with 4 fans and i have not overclocked any component. I have had it cleaned twice.

What seems to be the problem? I was thinking of getting water cooled heat sink but then i thought it won't be necessary as my PC had been performing fine previously as well.

It is my first question on this forum. Apologies in advance for any mistake in question etc.
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  1. First make sure everything is as its supposed to be. Heatsink free of dust, fan spinning, etc. If temps are still high, make sure the heatsink hasn't come loose somehow.
  2. You could always get a closed loop water cooler and oc the hell out of that chip before upgrading :D
  3. detach your heatsink, clean it, clean the old layer of thermal greese, reaply new thermal greeze, reatach it and see weather there is any improvement.
    if these fixes doesnt solve your problems, get a coolermaster hyper 212 + cooler
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