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So ive had this problem for a few months and im really tired of it. I boutgh in febuary a new graphic card, ever since i installed it i got some random black (sometime other color depending on wich website im on) with some vertical line in it. The problem Seems to occur when im on a page with flash content like youtube, league of legends website, chia-anime and more. I even crashed once when i was on steam! I tried to unistall flash and reinstall it but nothing has change. Here's my computer stats:

Videocard: ati radeon 5670 hd 1gig gddr5 from diamon multimedia.
Mem RAM: 5 gig
Psu: 500 watts
Hdd: 225 gig and theres only 38 gig left
System: windows vista 32-bit

It originaly was a pre-built computer and over the years i got new parts on it. I dont remembre by heart what was the motherboard. I can definetly tell you if you really need it. I will search for it.
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  1. The problem is hardware, not software. Change your new graphic card with a friend for a few days - then everytime he comes back to swap it back, don't answer the door - pretend you aren't home. Seriously, change your graphics card.
  2. yes problem is hardware replace your video card and plug it correctly try to use older driver first.
  3. Ok but how come its my graphic card? :)
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