GTX 580 with CoolIT Omni A.L.C. overheating

Hey everybody,

Just in the past several weeks my ATI card began heating up to over 115 C and causing my computer to crash. It took me a bit to figure out what was going on, because I have been running this computer for quite a while, but I figured it was time for a graphics card upgrade.

I bought a PNY GTX 580 OC as well as an OMNI ALC factory sealed water cooling system from CoolIT. I installed the cooler myself without much difficulty, it came with pre-applied thermal paste.

The problem now is that the new graphics card, despite the aftermarket cooling solution, is still overheating. The Radiator is a 120mm fan/radiator thing which I attached to the rear exhaust vent, blowing inwards (as it is designed to do). When playing a game or even doing a windows experience index rating the card temp rockets up from about 40 C at idle to the upper 90's, at which point the computer shuts down to protect itself. The card shuts itself down at 97 C.

So what the heck is going on? Could it have to do with the PCI Express slot or something? Also, when the computer boots the fan speed is very high, and then slows down during POST. According to Hardware Monitor the fan speed is only running at 40%, but supposedly increases up to around 75% at high temps, although I don't actually hear any fan speed increase, and I'm not sure how it would know that my Omni radiator, which is plugged into a random mobo fan power connector, is associated with the GPU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Additionally,

    I have had to reformat and reinstall windows 7 four times in the past five days, because it continues to become corrupt. I have installed it on three different HDDs, one of which is brand new, and same thing. Just in the last hour windows began telling me my version is not authentic, but has an error when I try to authenticate online. Just reinstalled it 24 hours ago.

    Thinking maybe the motherboard is the problem? I have even switched the PCI express port I have the GPU plugged into, and pulled the radiator out of the case for better air flow, and am using a different 120mm fan connected via molex to see if that was the problem. Same situation.
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