E7400 and hd 6850 at 1080p, bottleneck alert?

I want to use a hd 6850 with e7400 c2d processor and corsair vx450 PSU.
Would I experience bottleneck if I play at 1080p?????
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Yes in most games your CPU definitely holds your GPU back,upgrading to a quad core(like Q9550 if you want to keep your motherboard) will give you a decent boost in performance
  2. at 1080p the 6850 is really a bare minimum. Sure some games run better with a faster CPU, but getting the 6850 for that res is a wise choice regardless what cpu you have. I would even spend some extra on a 6870 for that resolution. You can overclock the snot out of e7400's with a good cooler, so i would do that before upgrading the cpu.
  3. I agree, 6850 is bare minimum for 1080P.

    Overclock your cpu and you will not have a bottleneck.
  4. that proc is good enough for that gpu. I wouldnt upgrade cpu unless you find 100% load during play and you are not sadisfied anymore.
  5. Actually,the CPU limits the performance especially in games that benefit from a quad core CPU such as most RTS games or titles like GTA IV etc. So OC'ng the CPU or getting a quad core CPU will definitely help
  6. So can I overclock my e7400 WITHOUT using a cooler? Not much, around 3.2 Ghz.
  7. With the stock fan,you'll be limited but still you can achieve a fair result
  8. you can overclock as far as you want, just keep your load temperatures below 70C. You can get some good cheap aftermarket coolers now anyway like the coolermaster hyper 212.
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