Do you guys think the cm storm scout is a good case?

I like it because of the color scheme and portability but personally I don't think it has enough fans. Would you reccomend this case or do you guys know of a better case for around 50-80 bucks
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  1. its a good case for the price, 1 - 140mm front and top and 1 - 120 rear are plenty of fans for most set ups
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    ive got this case. i like it and its pretty sick.
    mine came with 2 x 140mm and one 120mm. i got on ebay 2 more 140mm for 10bucks :)

    looks nice sleak clean, and black and red/ blue lights go sick. u can also turn the lights on and off (tho it wont work if you plug them into a nzxt lcd controller 2)fan works but not switch for lights)

    looks clean inside with your hdds and gfx and cpu fan lit up :) enough room for exapnding bays and u can add 2 more fans to the window (1 only added one cause my cpu is too big for the top part of window to fit a fan)

    good i/o usbs power button up top fornt with mic/headphone jacks.

    great case, i love it :)
  3. I'm too lazy to google it right now and you didn't provide a link, but I find a case with 1 120mm rear exhaust and 1 80mm front intake along with some side ventilation to be good enough for most computer builds.
  4. The Scout is a decent case imo..
    2 X 140mm and a 120mm included is a pretty good stock fan set-up.
    Not too many further options though.
    Cases like the CM 690II Advanced or HAF 912 have better fan options.
    Coolermaster Haf 912 = 120mm rear/120mm front
    Add a top or front 200mm.
    Coolermaster Megaflow 200MM Red LED
    Coolermaster cm 690 II Advanced = 140mm front and top/120mm rear included - has alot of fan options
  5. ^+1
    The CM 690 II Advanced and the HAF 912 are real good buys. The HAF 912 usually retails for less than the Scout atm, while the CM 690 has great air flow with its mesh finish. Both look pretty good too.
  6. the cm storm Scout is a good case but there are other options like the NZXT tempest evo. the evo is better for the cable management and comes with better fans as well. the scout is on the smaller side and can look cramped up for some heavy builds.

    plus the Tempest evo comes with two fornt intake fans, you can remove one of the two hard disk cages to have a fan directly blowing fresh air on the GPU and other one can still keep the hard discs cool.

    i am not sure about the price comparison where you are but in India where i am they are priced similar around $60.

    and one other important thing the cm Scout is designed mobility in mind and the tempest evo isnt the best one to be carried around so if you are going to take ur pc to lan parties you may want to consider the mobility part

    you can view the gallery of both the case using links below.

    Sorry got confused with the convrsion rates the price mentioned above isnt right the evo is prices at around $100 and the Scout is priced at around $160

    Best Of Luck
  7. the scouts handle is pretty sturdy. doesnt seem to want to drop at anytime :) its not too cluttered, although i would reccomend a modular PSU with it, save some messy unused cables down the bottom :) and you can fit most cables on the other side of the wall without the window. its not too crowded in my mind, depends what setup you have though.
    it comes with a black 140 rear top, read top 120 red led, front bottom 140. theses room for 2 120 on the window. ive fitted one to the bottom position on the window and also another 140 below the cd drive, in the spare slots.
    i also have a cpu212+ cooler and the ram still fits in all slots (thought beware the 212 will block the window top spot for a fan. ive got 2hdds and a ssd in the bay, with room for 1 or 2 more if i move the cords out from underneath it. also have a gtx560 in it and it fits nicely and with room for another one later :) and a network card in it.
    hope that helps

    the evo looks quit nice as well :P
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