If my memory card is did not show

my memory card did not showing in my mobile and my computer on window xp sp3 please help me
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If the RAM stick, in the case of a Notebook e.g. SO-DIMM, is either 'bad' or improperly seated then sure it won't show-up to the OS. It may still show-up in CPU-z but if the BIOS deems it 'bad' @ post then it will be turned-off to prevent errors.

    First, it's bad to mix-match RAM (not from a kit), I would suggest that you remove the RAM and try (1) stick at a time, and if (1) fails then chances are it's bad -- you can try it in a different DIMM slot. Most RAM carries a 'Lifetime Warranty' so I'd contact the OEM and request a replacement.
  2. Hi,

    First, it would be nice to detail your config so that we can help you.

    From the info I have you probably have more than 3 go xp 32 bit won't recognize .

    or it might not be compatible with your machine

    or it the memory or slot is defective.

    Good luck
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