Front panel 5.1 / sound card internal 5.1 header?

So I have the turtle beach z6a's and don't want to keep crawling around to the back of the PC to undo them all the time. My solution is this...

The connector for the 5.1 are ribbon cables with female pin connectors on the end. Meaning I need a MOBO or a sound card with a 5.1 pinout on the PCB. I have been looking and looking and can't find anything. Does anyone know of such a card? Will I just have to tap into and make my own breakout header on a sound card?
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  1. davcon said:
    I'd just buy a soundcard with a front panel header and a headphone amp.

    The front panel header on most sound cards only supports mic and stereo headphones right?
    I need the Cen/sub, FS, and RS pinout.
  2. You've lost me, the DG takes care of the headphones just fine.
    The other stuff you're talking about is for speakers.
    And no,i've never seen a soundcard that ports those to the front.
  3. I have 5.1 headphones. I want 5.1 connectors on the front of my PC. The device I linked to provides the connectors. Now I just need to hook the connectors up to the channels. I need 5.1 pinned out on a sound card to make a connection to internally.
  4. As davcon stated, the Asus Xonar DG 5.1 has 5.1 front panel headset connection. I have that card, and headset surround works great through FP connections. If you have something like the Turtle Beach 5.1 set with multiple speakers in the headset, than you need to connect to the back of the case.
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