AMD Radeon 6950 2GB VS Ge-Force 560 ti

I'm building new PC (Actually I already builded it, but now I need to upgrade graphic cart). So my current setup is:
Motherboard: MSI P67A-C43
CPU: Intel Core I7 2600k
RAM: 4GB DDR3 ram (1600 Mhz)
Graphic: Nvidia 9800GT (Yeah...I know)
So I want to upgrade my graphic. Radeon 6950 2GB is available in my country for about 280 euros(That's MSI Twin Frozr III). On the other hand GTX 560 ti is not available in my country so If I'm gonna buy it I will need to buy it online. I looked at some benchmarks and as far as I can se radeon is better, but I want your oppinion. Is GTX 560ti worth of ordering, because it is cheaper. I wil be gaming on 1080p just so you know. Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad English!!
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  1. 6950, great card for the money and can be upgraded to 6970 bios or have the shaders unlocked to give it even more power.
  2. why wud u skip that? providing the card has adequate cooling it will be able to be flashed to 6970 which will give more performance than any oc. and plus its super reliable and stable, had not 1 prob in 3 months. if it can be made better then do it
  3. Well thank you for yours replys, I will probably go for 6950 and because it has Twin Frozr cooler on it I may flash it to 6970 just as DHICKS19 said. Thank you for yours replys one more thime.
  4. anytime mate, you wont be dissapointed, its a great card, its rather large too. There are guides on google how to flash it, if you are going to do it, try the sapphire 6970 bios first.

    Also i dont know if your aware of this, but the reference design has a dual bios switch, one is writeable and the other is read only. So if anything does go wrong you have a backup bios just incase.

    I got 2 asus reference design 6950's from

    Have fun
  5. simple if op want to flash with 6970 bios get reference design, if op doesnt, then get aftermarket................................. FLUX CAPACITOR of the future is here
  6. According to this web-site :
    I can flash only reference PCB cards. So will I be able to flash 6950 Twin Frozr?
  7. OK thanks!
  8. Quote:
    nope, but there's really no need for flashing since u can reach the same performance with a mild OC

    what? do you have 2 6950's?

    I do and i can tell you that 6950 oc does not equal the same performance as a 6950 with bios mod.

    Op, research the reference design 6950's. they come with a dual bios which is always a good thing. the cooler on a reference design is just fine
  9. Quote:
    I understand that the 6950 OC'ed has to be Oc'ed to like 10% higher clocks to reach the 6970, but are reference models still that plentiful ?
    Here in Malaysia the most popular cards are the GT430 and HD5770 and yet, 2 months after it's released, I couldn't find HD6950 2GB reference cards in stores online and brick anymore

    Yes whilst that may get it to the same clock as 6970, there are other things to factor aswell, the 6950 has shader disabled. so either modding the bios or flashing the 6970 bios, re -enables the shaders and thus frees up more power.
  10. oh my i didnt recognise you there, back to the future is real and it happened. There is such a thing as a flux capacitor.... I have dr emmett browns contact number and address for you if you decide not to believe me. I made a my motorola xoom time travel with a flux capacitor but i couldnt fit on it so I ended up without my xoom. Now I am £500 down and someone in the past has a brand spanking new xoom. Cry
  11. Just want to thank you all and to inform you that I will probably go for GTX 560 HAWK, due to the price of radeon 6950. Thank you all for your's responds.
  12. ***Lol OF COURSE that I will overclock it as far as I can go (for now primary gold i 1000mhz core clock but I'm shure that I can go further).
    *** And while I'm still here just few question:
    * PSU- Currently Have Chiftech PSU 500w (way to weak) so I'm thinking about 650w OCZ PSU- will it be enough? i have i7 2600k CPU, 4GB of RAM, and I REALLY HOPE SO, GTX 560TI HAWK.
    * My currrent case is codegen ( I'm thinking about Cooler Master HAF 912 Plus. Is this good upgrade, because my system needs cool air, lol :). Thanks in advance!!
  13. Don't know yet, I just remember that I saw some OCZ PSU I will check and I will let you know. So for the case it's solid upgrade I think? And OCZ PSU are generally pretty good right? Sorry if I'm bit borring I'm only 13 and I have to convince my parrents that I'm buying good quality products. Lol thank in advance!!
  14. This is my second system overall. Just like you my first system was sore 2 duo 2-3 years ago. But I didn't builded it myself. The system was good, but my vendor builded it really, really bad and I was not happy. My current build (i7 2600k...) was builded by family friend. So if I buy this case I will finaly get chance to build MY OWN SYSTEM. Wish me luck :) ;) :)
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