How to use a PCI and a PCI-E video card at the same time

Hi all I'm new to the forums and I have a question for you all.

I want to run a third monitor on my computer so i bought a matrox G450 (I think) chucked it in my computer and booted up but there was nothing on the third monitor so i searched the bios for a while and found that I can only run either the pci card or the pci-e card as my primary and the other will not work but the PCI card shows up in windows but says it has error 43 is there a way to get it to run at the same time as the PCI-E card

my system:

Msi P9650-neo motherboard

Pci-e card: xfx 6600gtx

pci card Matrox G450

Operating system: windows 7
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  1. Did you load the Matrox driver? The driver setting in the bios simply allows you to turn one or the other on first. You should be able to have them both on.

    MS seems to think the hardware is bad.
  2. I know this is an old post but I just purchased a Matrox G450 Dual Head DVI PCI card & I was having the same problem. So I thought I would share how I resolved the the issue. The driver I was using was causing the problem so I up dated the Windows 7 driver on my system to resolve the problem. Here is the problem, none of the drivers on the Matrox support site fixed my problem & some even caused the system to not fuction. I found this driver on that worked for me xddm32_208_04_011_se_u_whql

    If you install a driver that does not work, restart the computer>Press F8> select safe Mode> open control panel> open device manager> right click on your display driver> open properties> select roll back your driver. You may end up with a standard display driver but you will be able to try the next one. One last thing, I tryed about 20 drivers before I found the one that would work for me.

    Good Luck
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