Which is the best processor currently?

Hi there, my boyfriend wants to buy a new laptop and, of course, he would like to have the best technology for money so he doesn't have to updgrade too soon. Does anybody know which are currently the best processor (hardware architecture) in the market and the laptop with best performance for money? Thank you for any help
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  1. what does he do with it?

    If gaming then you actually want a good gpu not a good cpu, if for general purpose then actually any llano, any core i5 will be perfectly sufficient. There's so much power in cpu's these days that above a certain level it doesn't matter, unless you are gaming.
  2. I can't recommend a specific laptop right now, I haven't looked at them in a long time, but I do know the I5/I7 processors are the best available depending on how much your looking to spend.
  3. Mostly depends on budget.

    Any of Intels 2nd Gen processors should be fine however for every-day use. 2nd Gen processors consist of i3, i5 and i7.

    If the laptop is mostly being used for general purpose (web browsing, multiple applications/programs running) then the i3 should be fine. If your looking at using the laptop for much more intensive purposes (gaming, programming, intensive applications, rendering audio/video) then the i5 or i7 is closer to what you'll want to be looking at.
  4. I'd recommend and i5 processor for a laptop. My wife has an i3 and even in general usage it can be a bit slow.
  5. He basically does financial work and he also watches financial tv channels on it. Thank you for your prompt help. Gaby
  6. Thank you for your advise. Gaby
  7. That is very sensible, when I used to use my boyfriend's previous laptop I felt like kicking it, mine has a decent processor speed. Thank you for your advise, Gaby
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