Dell SC1425 RAM, What memory should i get?

So i bought a Dell Poweredge 1425 SC recently. It runs fine, and i am going to be installing a new OS on it. The CPU is quite powerful for it's age, but the problem is memory. It only has two sticks of 512 ram. These should be the specs taken directly from the Dell manual on their website



72-bit, ECC, PC-3200, Unbuffered, DDR II SDRAM, DIMMs, rated for 400-MHz operation

Memory module sockets

Six 240-pin

Memory module capacities

256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, or 2 GB

Minimum RAM

256 MB (one 256-MB module)

Maximum RAM

12 GB (when available)

I want at least 2 GB if not 4 GB of memory.
I am wondering what ram i should get for it. I cannot find memory in that exact specification for less than $112 for 2 gigs from dell's website. And i am wondering if other ram will work in it, ie: cheaper ram.

I looked and could not find the same kind of memory. This is what Crucial suggests:

which is nice, but I don't want to pay that much for extra memory I don't need. Anyways it has only a 32 bit processor and I am planning on running a 32 bit OS.

Are there some things that are more important? Like speed, or if it is PC-3200 as in the manual or 5300 as crucial suggested?

Here is what I could find on newegg:

would that work?

Any other thoughts would be great too.

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  1. The RAM on Newegg is not ECC and it most likely won't run. You can find compatible memory for a bit less at, but server memory always is expensive.

    Since it can support 16GB of memory and 64-bit OS, it should have a 64-bit processor.
  2. From what I read about that particular Xeon processor, it uses EMT 64, which is a kind of 64 bit emulation for memory purposes, so it can use 64 bit amounts of ram. I believe it can run a 64 bit OS, but it is not as stable as a 32 bit. The OS installed on it right now is 32 bit.

    So it should be the compatible memory? No workaround possible, would be shame to have to spend 20 bucks more than i spent on the whole system to get 2 gigs of memory.

    would this option work?
  3. It may work, but it isn't on the list for that server:

    Even though they cost $10 more, I'd suggest you buy modules on the list:
  4. GhislainG said:
    It may work, but it isn't on the list for that server:

    Even though they cost $10 more, I'd suggest you buy modules on the list:

    I will get those modules then, it is still half the price dell is charging for what seems is the same memory:

    That is for 1 stick if I understand correctly? If it is 2 2gig sticks then the price is the same.

    Thanks for finding that kingston site, that is exactly the list I was looking for.
  5. The price on Newegg is per module (like Dell). The kit at Memory Depot contains 2 x 2GB modules; therefore that would be the least expensive option.
  6. Went with the Kingston option off newegg, more expensive, but I feel i know what I am getting. There are a lot of fake memory modules floating around.

    Thanks for all your help, and I hope it works as intended, this will be quite a little server when I have it running 64 bit Linux.
    Hopefully newer releases of Linux will run it well, it is Red Hat certified, but only for RHEL 3 x86_64 so we will see. At least the memory wont be an issue. (It only has 1 gig in it right now 4 more will help a lot.)

    Thanks again for helping me with my first server memory buying search, which was not as easy as i first thought.
  7. Newer releases will most likely work.
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