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I have an older PC from 2007 that had problems and couldn't boot, but I wanted to reuse some of the parts, one of them being its NVIDIA GeForce 8300GS. My current system is a prebuilt Emachines E1161-07 cheap computer. After installing the GeForce 8300GS into my current system, I played TF2 fine. Later on in the day when I tried to go on CS:S, my screen froze and could not even access Task Manager. Now when I install the graphics card back in, I cannot finish booting up my computer without seeing vertical gray lines and eventually freezing on a solid black screen. I am running on Windows Vista SP2.

Is my graphics card fried? I DLed SpeedFan right after freezing when accessing games and the GPU temperature was 74C
What can I do to fix it or maybe I can't?
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  1. You can try cleaning out and then reinstalling the drivers but it really looks like the card died.
  2. I cleaned out all the drivers this morning, but I will try it again.
  3. I think it keeps overheating after 5-10 minutes.
  4. Reapplying thermal paste if you are up to it might solve the problem.
  5. I don't own thermal paste. Eh, I'm going to build my own PC soon anyhow.
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