Unable to shut off OC Tuner (Sabertooth Z77)

I've just started Folding@Home, and I was told by a lot of people that I should try overclocking to get that much more horsepower out of my rig. I had bought myself an i5-3570K (Ivy Bridge), but really I was only expecting to use the unlock and overclock a few years down the road, if I ever felt my rig was becoming too slow or outdated.

So I went into the UEFI and accidentally activated the OC Tuner (once you click it it's litterally just "OK" or "Cancel"), it rebooted my whole comp and set up a decent 4.22 GHz clockrate. But after a few days I've noticed a few things crashing... Firefox, Youtube vids especially, and F@H when I leave it alone for long periods of time. The voltage isn't too high (it hovers between 1.18 and 1.24 V), and the temperatures are staying under 50C, but these crashes have me worried. I tried to disable it in the UEFI, but the only options it shows are "OK", and "Cancel".

Even if the crashes are unrelated to the OC, I'd like to cross it out as a possibility for sure, and just turn it off for a while. Cancel doesn't seem to do anything, and Ok just reboots and maintains the overclock. How do I put things back to the default way in which they were before?

(This is a pic of F@H crashing.)
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    Try going to the Exit menu and selecting Load Optimized Defaults. I'm not sure if that resets the SATA config or not, but if it does, and you're using AHCI mode now, you may have to reselect that afterwards to be able to boot into Windows.
  2. The exit menu only seems to have "Discard Changes & Exit", "Save Changes & Reset", and " Advanced Mode".

    Ah... You meant the Exit menu in the Advanced section, I see, here it is. Trying that now.
  3. I think we have a success... Clock's back down to 3.6 GHz, voltage is at 1.118, temperature is at 41C. I would rep you if I could!

    Really, thanks. I found a lot of similar problems in my Google search and every other forum seemed to suggest resetting the CMOS. And I don't want to resort to that unless it's absolutely necessary!
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  5. You're welcome. :)
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