Is there a way to run 2 monitors (one with a pcie card and one inte,)

hey, i was wondering if there was a way to run two monitors, one on a HIS 4670 pcie card and one in my integrated 4250?
i know when i installed the GPU the integrated disabled itself but is there a way to run a monitor off of it if i already hove one on my GPU??

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  1. from windows7? the his should run 2 anyway
  2. its just that i have a VGA and a DVI on the card, and i have no DVI->VGA adapter for my VGA monitor.
  3. but my question is: is it possible? and how if so?
  4. 1)update to latest amd drivers
    2)plug BOTH monitors in
    3) in amd vision control engine under common display tasks extend display
    3)in control panel under display select change display settings,, select 2nd monitor,,,then select extend desktop to,,,and then apply/ok

    if all goes well you should be able to open up 2 different programs and then drag with your mouse to the 2nd display
    good luck
  5. oh yeah.....all on the graphics card........and disable the onboard 4250
  6. oops missed that no adapter post.......
    scratch the disable onboard comment

    if you can enable "hybrid crossfire-x" in the amd control engine and then you should be able to use both
    everything about extending desktops still applies
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