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Hi, sorry this is my first post here, and I'm trying to do some research here.

I currently own a ASUS SABERTOOTH P67 (REV 3.0) motherboard, and 2x 4GB CORSAIR Vengeance RAM.

I don't intend to get any more RAM than this, but the MB manual strongly recommends putting them in (what I believe to be) Slot 2 & 4 (They label them as A2 and B2). So putting both in slots 3 & 4 or 1 & 2 is not desirable.

I intend to fit an LGA1155 socket CPU to the board, an Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz. I intend to OC to at least 4GHz.
For this purpose, I have read many mixed opinions as to whether or not the stock CPU fan is sufficient.

Further, I have some rather unique conditions here:

1. The RAM has tall heat spreaders. I have read many opinions that state that these heat spreaders are "just for show" and "not really needed." I have contacted the manufacturer, and they strongly advise against removing the heat spreaders. It is my decision, to not want to remove the spreaders.

2. The Sabertooth sports a thermal armor design, which is most effective with a top-down CPU cooler, where the airflow is directed downward onto the CPU and directed through the armor. An optional assistant fan can also be mounted.

Two CPU coolers I see time and time again sworn up and down upon are the CM 212+ and the NH-D14. However, most of what I have read about these CPU coolers only benches them on LGA 775 sockets, which have a very different heat signature than for my applications. Further, it's my understanding that these coolers are no longer considered "top tier."

While I have not been able to contact CM, I did contact Noctua who told me that the NH-D14 will definitely not clear my RAM. They suggested a NH-C14 in high-clearance mode (single top fan) or an NH-U12P Se2 with one of the fans risen a few fins.

The NH-C14 is the only top-down CPU cooler I could find, but I will have to run it in high-clearance mode. Though, I've got mixed reviews on it, some saying it's not very good, etc.

So, I guess, my question would be what type of CPU cooler (fan/heatsink) is most suited for the LGA1155 socket type with OC in mind, that offers high clearance, and preferably a top-down design?
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  1. I'm using an NH-D14 and Corsair Dominator RAM and just moved the fan from the front of the HS to the back.
  2. The D-14 is still considered a top tier cooler,it didn't even exist in the 775 era.
    NH-U12P Se2 was the flagship cooler prior to the D-14.
    The D-14 was developed for the 1366 platform which requires more cooling then SB.
    I don't think the CM212Evo would be a problem on your board with Vengeance ram..
    Just look for thin coolers (50mm width).
  3. ZALMAN CNPS12X 120mm Long Life Bearing High Performance Triple Fan CPU Cooler

    ZALMAN CNPS10XEXTREME 120mm 2 Ball-Bearing CPU Cooler $79.99

    I don't know if you have looked at the Zalman coolers at all but the first one I listed since it is circular in design doesn't seem to me to be problematic for the high heat spreader ram. The second one looks like it is higher than normal amd should clear the ram as well. The only drawback is the price and I don't know what you are looking to spend or are you just willing to get an aftermarket cooler that works.
  4. Well, I'm looking to get one that fits :)

    I just don't understand why Asus would design a thermal armor motherboard that is best suited for top-down air flow of the CPU cooler, when virtually all after-market coolers direct airflow in horizontal or vertical directions.

    I haven't really heard much about anyone switching the top fan to the back on the NH-D14, that could be an option I suppose.
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