$750 gaming build, AFTER taxes/ shipping, and with Canadian taxes

Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as I've got a decent build figured out, but no earlier than tomorrow

Budget Range: $750 STRICT budget AFTER taxes and shipping, and BEFORE any mail-in rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: I'll be doing some casual gaming, SC2, LoL, maybe CoD eventually.

Parts Not Required: I won't be buying a monitor, a keyboard or a mouse at this time, but I will be after I get some cash after this build.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg almost exclusively.

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts Preferences: I'd prefer an AMD build, as I've heard that they're much better for budget gaming, but if an Intel is better, I don't want an i3. i5 at the least for intel.

Overclocking: Probably

SLI or Crossfire: No

I'd like the motherboard to UEFI BIOS, and I'd like to have at least an HD 6850, or the GTX equivalent. I'd kind of prefer a low cas latency RAM set instead of a high frequency, and I'd like my memory to be 2x4GBs. I'd also like a DVD burner, no need for a blue ray player or burner. Also, the prices need to be from, as I've found the shipping and prices in general can differ a lot. Here's what are in my online cart right now, take note of them or completely change everything, I just want to hear from you:




HDD (I sort of cheaped out on this choice):


GFX Card:

PSU (apparently this isn't a great choice):

DVD drive (cheapest burner I could find, I'll only be burning the occasional CD):

The total of this is $749.81

So, go ahead, show me what you've got!
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  1. You can take a look at mine and maybe build around or with some of that. Its around your price range.
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    Hmm not too bad, if you dont mind using site, use it as my regular site) They have a SMOKING barebones kit for 300$ Can just throw in the xtra Gfx card and you have a pretty damn smoking system for probably LESS than the 750$

    Consists of GIGABYTE GA-A75M-S2V Board, AMD Quad-Core A6-3650 APU, Patriot 8GB DDR3 RAM Kit, Seagate 1TB HDD, 24x DVDRW, Thermaltake V2 Mid Tower, 450W PSU

    If you dont mind refurbished cards, they have a decent deal on a 480GTX Supercloced for another 390$ which brings your to under 750 Still, or they have a couple decent AMD cards for 180-250

    6950 -> 250$

    6870 170$ ->

    Noticed as well that Tiger has FREE shipping to all of Canada atm, Not sure what all it applies too, but I shouldnt been lookng thru their flier I guess cuz now Im tempted to grab up one of those 6870's or Nvidia 550 for dirt cheap..thought about grabbing a 5770 for 100$ used, but forgetting that Idea lol.
    Anyways, Cheers ,hope that helps ya out somewhat even though you'd prefer newegg, Tiger is a great, great site as well, fast delivery alway for me and so far, after 4/5yrs, knock on wood, havent had anything DOA. Cheers.
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