Dxgkrnl.sys Crash with COD4

I built a new computer:

Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
Intel i7 2600k
8GB RAM (2-4GB Corsair Vengence)
Hatachi 2TB HDD
Windows 7 (64 bit)
DX 11

All drivers up to date.

My problem is that everytime I try to play COD4 Multiplayer it will run for maybe 5 minutes then it crashes and reboots. I check the BSOD log with Bluescreen viewer and see that dxgkrnl.sys caused the crash.

Every other game, including Crysis 2 in ultra mode with 1900 x 1200 works fine.

I have done a disk check, scannow, and checked for viruses and malware. All are clean.

I have read many forums about this and have tried most of what show and still the same problem.

Any help in resolving this is greatly appreciated.

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  1. That file is from the directx package. So do reinstall the latest directX to date, reboot and it shall correct the problem:


    EDIT: Seems like your graphic driver can make it crash too. So after you installed the latest directx, do reinstall the graphic driver and don't forget to select "do a clean install" when you install the nvidia driver then reboot. You can download it here:


    Reinstalling both will solve your issue. I can tell you that a clean install of nvidia driver is not the same as just a reinstall of it: I was having problems with borderlands only, just after I did update nvidia driver, even reinstalling it didn't solve that. Only thing that worked is installing it and select "do a clean install". The 1 FPS problem was gone after that so now my borderlands GOTY is flawless. Do the same and get back here if it does not solve your issue.
  2. Well, I tried reinstalling DX 11, but it stated that it already had the current version installed. I then tried uninstalling the video driver and then installing the driver from the link, selecting clean install, and it still crashes in COD4.

    Can you think of anything else I can try?

    Thank you,
  3. Bump...
  4. Can someone please help me with this issue? PLEASE!!

  5. Hi,

    There is sometimes an incompatibility between a game and a particular video driver level and a particular card. Try the next 3 older nVidia drivers and see if it starts working. There aren't that many people with GTX 570's so they may not have caught the bug.

    IF you ever had an AMD card in the system make sure you uninstall the drivers from AMD (i still think ati) and reinstall the nvidia drivers.

    See if there are any COD4 patches you can either apply or back off.

    Also, for grins, UNDERclock the GTX 570. See if stability improves.

    edit: p.s. Nice System.
  6. Have you tried plugging something in to your mic. or speaker jack. I think that may be the problem I had.
  7. After messing with this for some time now, I tried what tsnor had suggested by downgrading my driver software, It worked!!! Also before trying this, I tried underclocking and that worked too.

    Thanks Tsnor!!!

    The suggestion offered by Usbgtx550 worked for my son's issue. I plugged a jack into the mic port and it worked for them.

    Thanks to you both!!!!

    I also am thinking of upgrading my EVGA GTX 570 HD Superclocked for a EVGA GTX 580. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Glad to help. Any particular reason for the upgrade? The 570 should be plenty for most games in my opinion.
  9. It is, but it is a non-referenced PCB and with the issue's I am having with the superclocking not working nicely with other programs, I was thinking that a referenced pcb and normal clocking card may work better.

    My son's computer is keeping the EVGA GTX560Ti. It is fine with all games, now, and is not having the issues I am having.
  10. Try to remove the newest driver and use this one 301.42 worked for me i got the gtx 570 and the new driver got some issues with this video card
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