Acer mini laptop goes in slow motion

I have accer aspire mini 10.1' was fine earlier, but now when i works long time with some big application like game, skype, or playing video or audio it goes something like slow motion...all application start to respond audio plays like in slow motion....i tried most of the virus scanner n spyware scanner but nothing worked.....I am running windows XP, SP2...any help please...
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  1. What are the full specs of the laptop?
  2. It sounds like a heat issue with the mini going into 'slow' speed until it cools off.
    Does asus have a temp monitoring program for that? Othewise google and see what other owners are using sucessfully.
  3. joedastudd said:
    What are the full specs of the laptop?

    CPU : Intel Atom 1.66GHz
    RAM : 1GB
    Storage : 160GB
    OS : Windows XP SP 2

    I have tried all possible ways like no dual antivirus, spyware - malware remove, registry error fixing, monitoring processes in task manager etc....but still I couldn't sort this out.... :( .....
  4. I just sold one of those upgraded to 1.5GB of RAM and it still sucked. It is probably the ACER aspire zg1 since it has winxp on it. It has integrated intel video with 256MB VRAM. Right out of the box, streaming videos from youtube were somewhat jittery. With nothing but winxp installed it was tolerable but after installing norton internet security it really slowed down to the point where I thought it was frozen at times. I would say to put the recovery disk in and wipe the machine and start over but it doesn't have a disk drive and ACER doesn't provide a recovery disk! You used to be able to go the the acer website and download the recovery disk but I doubt they still support that machine. Also, I am curious what games you are trying to play? That computer has a hard time playing diablo2 which is almost 12 years old. Trust me I tried it! The only game I played on it that had a decent framerate was the orginal Doom. Please don't take this the wrong way but if I am driving a Porsche and the average computer that you would buy at Futureshop is a Toyota then you are still riding a moped. I think your best bet is to format/reinstall. You can try upgrading to 1.5GB of RAM which is the max it can hold but you need to completely disassemble the netbook to access the RAM slot. Yes, I have had to do it. There is nothing that you can repair or replace in that thing. If I am not mistaken, you don't even have access to the hard drive to replace it if need be.

    Good luck!
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