USB freezing server on boot

server is an HP G3 Proliant DL140

I have a WD 2tb external drive that is being used as a backup on the server. I am having a problem with the Server freezing up on boot unless the 2tb hard drive is unplugged from the port. Removable devices is setup after hard disk in the boot order so i am confused as to why the server freezes on boot with the external drive plugged in to the USB port. And this is a huge problem because i can't reboot the server remotely if i need too. Any suggestions?
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  1. Check for a motherboard bios update and for a firmware update from WD thou I suspect its not something thats going to get resolved.
  2. this is a problem i have faced before, cant remember what model server, but, the only resolution was to get someone on site to manually plug in and unplug the external drive. I tried everything else, changing boot sequence, updating bios, changing USB ports, but nothing would work. you can give the same things i tried a shot, but i couldnt get any further in my particular situation. I think its a motherboard issue, not that its faulty, just that is doesn't like booting with a usb HDD plugged in.
  3. dont use USB, you will have to remove the drive and put it into your server self. the problem with POST and usb can be your motherboard or the external hard drive , so get a random external usb drive and test it like that, if it works, great for you
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