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i have recently assembled my hardware details are-intel core i3 540 processor,asus P7h55-m lx motherboard,4gb DDR3 PC1333 memory power ram,500gb seagate barracuda sata HDD,nvidia geforce gt220 1gb graphic card,LPE223-400 ATX psu included with i-ball stunner problem is that i got random crashes in most of the games during gameplay....very few games have runned wihout the weird crash..whenever the crash happens,i have to restart my pc display drivers are up to date...i tried re-installing my os several times from xp to win 7...still it has not been of my friend told me that its the problem with my smps and i hv to replace it with a better one...can u kindly tell me that whether i should replace my smps or not in order to fix the problem?
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  1. overheating issue? Get gpu-z to check temps.
  2. That PSU is the likely cause of the problem. Some brief research seems to indicate that is a cheap and nasty. According to one site I read the amp rating on the 12 volt rail is 17 A

    while your GPU requires 30 amps on the 12 volt rail

    Your PSU is underpowered and on the cheap. Replace it with something decent and you should be fine.
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