Gigabyte ga-p31-ds3l 3GB RAM memory problem

Hy guys, I'm new to tomshardware.
I have a slight memory problem, yesterday i upgraded my machine which has a Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L mobo, Intel Q6600 2,4 Ghz quad. I had 2 sticks of double sided 1GB Kingston 99U5316-001.A02LF DDR2-667 (333) in sockets 1 and 3 and yesterday I added in socket 2 a single sided Kingmax KLCD48F-B8KW5 DDR2-667 (333 MHz) and I got a new Sapphire HD6670.

The problem is that in AIDA 64 is shows only 2 GB RAM and in ATI Catalyst control center it shows 1,7 Gb of Hyper Memory which is consistent with a HD6670 on a 2 Gb RAM system instead of 3.

Can anyone plzz help me out. :D
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  1. I just noticed that my RAM was running at 533 instead of 667 so when I went into BIOS and I noticed the normal frequency was set down to 533 so the SPD was set to x2.00 instead of x2.50.
    266 x 2.5 = 667
    266 x 2 = 533.

    Is it possible that the new Kingmax is not compatible even if it's rated at 667 Mhz
  2. Can't anybody help me out here?
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