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I am looking for a single game controller that would be ideal for playing all types of game, eg flight simulator, racing cars as well as field games like football. At the moment I have several inexpensive ones. I find this ridicules having to change them about for different games and they breakdown fast.

The kids in my neighbourhood play "kung fu" kind of fight games on my pc too, so I am looking for a durable and an all purpose game controller. I don't mind spending a little bit more money on a good one. Any suggestions ??
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  1. Might I suggest the Interact HammerheadFX. It's a great controller for ALL types of games. It has nice software to program non-force feed back games. My only quam is it doesn't work in DOS. Definately check it out.
  2. Thankyou very much for your reply, I shall give some serious consideration to this suggestion.
  3. Hi Niteskyy,

    forgot to ask you one thing, who is the manufacturer of this product..? i am quite serious about getting this.
  4. Interact is. Well actually Interact and 3dfx, but Interact made it. It comes in 2 flavors, Gameport and USB.
  5. Hi, I came across this site only just now, with some interesting reviews, thought you may be interested.
  6. Frankly, I think you're going completely in the wrong direction. I want a game controller to be as specific as possible for the game I'm playing. It's absurd to think you can control an aircraft or a car with a keyboard for example. I play mostly FPS and have long been addicted to an old Microsoft controller called the Dual Strike. It never really caught on except with me. Anyway, I would suggest you re-think your strategy.
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